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Petroleum Data for Texas & New Mexico

Permian Basin Data - Midland Office

The Subsurface Library is the oldest and largest privately owned geological data library in the Permian Basin.  Its collection is housed in its own 18,000 square foot building in downtown Midland and includes the following data sets.

Well Logs - Over 1,000,000

  • The Library's log collection is searchable online nine different ways. 
    • By Location (County, Section, Block, Survey, Township & Range, League, Labor) 
    • By Operator, Well Name & Depth Interval.
  • 220,000 Microfiche Logs (All over Texas, not just the Permian Basin)
  • New logs are added daily.  If we don't have the log you are looking for, we usually can find it.  Our collection also includes unreleased logs.

Microfiche Logs

  • Texas Logs - Collection covers the entire state of Texas.  The logs were released between 1985 and 1998.
  • Wyoming Logs - Collection covers the entire state of Wyoming.  The logs, some 26,000, were released between 1950 and 2007.
  • Library has a microfiche viewer-printer-scanner where one can view, print or make a digital image (PDF or TIF) of a log.

Permian Basin Sample Lab Logs 

  • Entire PBSL log collection was acquired by the Library.  The PBSL was the primary company providing Stratigraphic Logs for the Permian Basin.
  • There are some 16,000 logs in Texas, 6,000 in New Mexico and a few in Arizona, Utah and Arkansas.
  • Coverage begins in 1944. 

Permian Basin Sample Lab Log Descriptions 

  • The PBSL's log description collection was acquired by the Library and is stored in 20 filing cabinets.
  • These descriptions are detailed, handwritten and were transcribed by geologists for the PBSL.
  • Coverage begins around 1944 and runs through 1993.

Eight Historical Oil Company Scout Ticket Collections

Several Collections have hand written tickets, denoted by an H

  • Amerada, American Republic (H), Argo, Marathon (H), Mobil (H), Midland Oil Scouts Association - MOSA, Sinclair (H) & Western Natural Gas. 
  • Coverage ranges from the early 1920's through the 2000's.
  • The Amerada scout tickets are searchable online by location, where they may be viewed and printed.  
  • Amerada’s management had a well known reputation for being very conscientious about maintaining complete and accurate geological files--including scout tickets.

Scout Card CollectionsKroenlein, Rinehart and P.I.

Midland Oil Scouts Association Scout Ticket Collection   

  • 500,000 Permian Basin scout tickets covering a period of time beginning in the late 1950's and running into early 2011.  In the late 1950's, Williams & Lee (and subsequently IHS) inaugurated a commercial scouting service using printed tickets to replace the hand written tickets that had existed since the Scout Check was formed in the 1930's--when all scouting information was exchanged verbally at the Scout Hall every Wednesday morning.

IHS Markit Production Data - Both Current & Historical as well as Drilling Wire on the Web (Completion Card Reports) and Energy News on Demand, updated daily.

P2 Tobin Lease Activity/Ownership & Well Spot Maps
- Permian Basin County Lease Activity & Surface Ownership maps with current well spots, updated every month.  Providing complete clarity around a well, or an area, for a perspective into one's competition & the state of the market.

Original Lockwood's Production Books

Laughlin-Simmons Elevations & Locations

USGS Topopgraphic Maps

Texas Oil & Gas Proration Schedules

Oil & Gas Rules & Regulations for Texas & New Mexico

Austin Office inside the Bureau of Economic Geology at U.T.
We offer a geo-tech service that provides access to well data at the following state agencies:

  • Bureau of Economic Geology
  • Texas Railroad Commission
  • Texas General Land Office






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