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a unique data resource for the permian basin

Statewide Data

For well data requests outside of the Permian Basin, from the Bureau of Economic Geology, the Texas Railroad Commission or the Texas General Land Office, please contact Mona in our Midland office if you are a member of Subsurface. Non-members may contact Ann Leist P.G. at her Austin office below.  Texas Districts 1 through 10 are covered as well as Texas State Waters.

The Austin office has access to over 600,000 well logs at the BEG.  Approximately 250,000 of the logs are searchable in the Excel files below.  Ann also can search through an additional 350,000 paper logs in the Geophysical Log Facility.  Simply send Mona (members) or 
Ann (non-members) a log request by e-mail, fax or phone.  Please include the API #, County, Operator, Lease, Well, Field, TD and completion date.

The Texas State Waters file is current through September 2006.  If you cannot find the logs you are looking for, or need more recently released logs, please e-mail Mona or Ann and we will try to find them for you.

Anderson to Ector Counties     

Edwards to Lampasas Counties

Lavaca to Schleiecher Counties

Scurry to Young Counties        

Zapata to Zavala Counties        

Category Prefixes                    

Log Abbreviations                    

Texas State Waters   

Ann also sells newly released Texas Railroad Commission logs (tif images on CD) that she mails monthly to subscribers for $50.00 per district per month, plus shipping.  Individual log images indexed in an Excel database are included.    

If you place an Order with Ann in Austin:

1.  E-mail requests to:
2.  Fax requests to:    (512) 471-7227
3.  Call in requests to: (512) 773-5063

Invoices for orders placed with Ann will be sent with each order and are due upon receipt. Payments should be made payable to:

Ann Leist
6601 Debcoe Drive
Austin, TX  78749

If you are a member of Subsurface and place an order with Mona in Midland, we will bill your Subsurface account and you may remit payment on your regular monthly bill.

Bureau of Economic Geology
Texas Railroad Commission
General Land Office

Ann's office which is located inside the BEG, offers a well records service whereby she will search for well records at any of the above three agencies upon request.  The rate is $35.00 per hour, plus any copy, scanning or mailing fees.  Such records include the following from historical to present:  drilling permits, plats, plugging and completion reports, directional surveys, field files (maps and cross sections) and production.  More specifically, she can search the following collections for you:

1) Well Logs 1920-2013

2) Three Scout Ticket Collections 1920-1980

3) Three Well Record and Scout Note Collections 1920-1980

4) Drillers Logs 1920-1980

5) Strip Logs 1920-1980

6) Core Analysis 1945-1980

7) Mud Logs 1940-1980

8) Railroad Commission Field Maps 1920-1980

9) Railroad Commission County Maps 1920-2012

10) Railroad Commission Permits, Completions, Directional 
Surveys and Plugs

11) Railroad Commission Hearings and Field Research

12) Log and Map Reproduction Service

13) General Land Office Survey Maps

Pricing for hard-copy logs:

  • $2.50 per log, plus 48 cents per foot.
  • Shipping is extra.
  • Orders usually ship the next business day.
  • All paper logs are printed on continuous, high-quality, folded paper.

Pricing for scanned logs:

  • $5.00 per log.
  • Shipping is extra.
  • Orders usually ship the next business day.
  • Scanned logs are scanned as (.tif) files.  

600 West Ohio Avenue - Midland, TX 79701
(432) 683-5588  or
Hours:  Monday - Friday  (8:00 - 5:00)